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Six Pack WomenBenefits of strong abdominal muscles - Why it is important to have a good ab workout routine?

When I say the word “Abs”, what do you think about first? Do the “quick fix” make you skinny, ab workouts and programs come to mind? Are you thinking about how to get your belly to look like a bikini model before summer?

Do you have any idea how important your abdominal muscles are to your health? Health programs like Yoga and Pilates focus on the core strength. These core muscles, which include the abdominal muscles, are so important to good health.

Below is a list of reasons you need to have strong abdominal muscles and why it is very important to have a regular quick ab workout schedule.

Ab Workouts for MenPosture:

Your core muscles are attached to the spine and pelvis bone, which supports the spine. If the core is not strong then the spine is not kept in its proper alignment, resulting in bad posture.

Bad posture can lead to chronic back pain. Back pain is a huge drain on the medical system every year. Over 50 billion a year is spent on the treatment of this ailment. An easy way to prevent back pain is to do abdominal strengthening exercises.

Bad posture can occur when you are standing or sitting. Most Americans today have a very sedentary lifestyle. We sit all day in front of a computer, driving our car, and watching TV. This can lead to too much strain on our back and the resulting pain can be very debilitating.

We need to make a conscious effort to exercise every day to keep the spine moving. Abdominal exercises are a great way to keep our back in tip top shape.


Your core muscles are the key in good balance. Without them we would not be able to walk, stand, or sit. The body’s center of gravity is located in a part of the body called the Sacrum. It is located just a little below the navel.Abs 22

Because of this your core muscles are essential for maintaining your balance. If you do not have a strong core, your center of gravity moves which makes balancing difficult. By strengthening this part of your core with lower abdominal workouts, you will maintain your balance in uneven terrain.

Organ Protection:

The core muscles surround and support the body’s major internal organs. The organs are protected by the muscles. The muscles absorb any impact to the body and prevent internal damage. Organs, like the bladder, are held in place by the core muscles.

When these muscles are weak the bladder can move out of position causing many problems like bladder infections. The muscles also control the ability to “hold” your urine. When you have weak muscles incontinence may result.

Six Pack MenWhat can you do to change this? It is simple, start an abdominal exercise routine. I personally started with a program called 0 - 6 Pack Abs.

I love this program because it not only allowed me to strengthen my abs, but it also had a whole body approach. It includes nutrition as well as exercise that I could do from Home.

I was very self conscious when I started this program, so going to the gym was out of the question. As I progressed in the program I got more and more confidence. I love who I am now, instead of the embarrassment I felt in the past.

I have lost 20” from my waist and I feel great. I am sure you will benefit just like I did with this program.

The program has information on ab exercises for women, ab exercises for men, inner & outer oblique exercises, and lower ab exercises. It is a great all around step by step guide on how to obtain those six pack abs that everyone is talking about.

My advice is “Don’t delay”.

Start now.

If I can do this I am positive you can too.

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